Emotion-Focused Techniques

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Do you find it hard to control your emotions? Do your emotions often dictate your response? Do you wish you had the techniques to harness your emotions and move forward with your life?

Would you like to learn to respond rather than react? Would you like to find ways that emotions can inform rather than overwhelm?

Through the emotionally focused skills I teach, you can learn that our emotions are a key to our identity and a guide for decision making. When we lack awareness of our emotions or avoid unpleasant emotions, we are unable to use the information provided by these emotions.

Emotion-Focused techniques help individuals to:

— Become more aware of their emotions

— Welcome, allow and regulate emotions

— Evaluate emotions as informative

— Describe emotions clearly and in detail

— Engage somatic awareness of emotions as indicators for situational awareness

— Identify the source of unhelpful emotions

— Develop alternative, healthy ways of coping with situations that often elicit hurtful emotions

If you are seeking help identifying, utilizing and processing your emotions, I encourage you to consider reaching out. Together, we can work to increase your emotional awareness and learn to allow your emotions to guide your actions.

Contact me today to begin building emotion-focused techniques can be a source of healing.